Our Guides

Jon Belozer

As the owner of this great outfit, Jon has a special tie to this river. As an eight year old boy, Jon caught his first trout with a fly rod on the Deschutes river near the town of Maupin. When he launched his outfitting company 15 years later, he began sharing his passion for this river with anglers from all over the world.  Jon is a true outdoorsman whose ability for understanding the environment where he lives, and works leads this company to the top. Three decades later, Jon is one of the most successful outfitters on the Deschutes river. He is a respected leader whose professionalism and passion brings his clients back year after year.

Ken Stobie

“Stobie” as he is lovingly called, is certainly part of the family as he has been guiding with Jon for over 25 years. A retired Phys Ed/Health teacher and coach, Kenny spent his summers not only providing Jon with a solid professional guide, but helped shape young Kris from the toddler years into adulthood. Stobie’s fish sense, boating capabilities and sense of humor have made him a very popular guide among the hundreds of returning trout seeking clients. A day with Stobie is a real treat.

Kris Belozer

Jon’s son Kris joined him on the river at the age of two and was his father’s shadow through those growing years. As Kris grew in height and stature he started rowing a gear boat at the age of eight, barely tall enough to see over the bags. By ten, this young boatman was running a drift boat while continuing to build skills and instincts. He picked up extreme kayaking as a hobby and took to it like an otter. His unique boating skills and water knowledge are things generally reserved for guides well into their “salty” years. Now in his late twenties and married with a young family, Kris partners with his dad in making this company rise to the top. Kris’ skills as a professional guide will keep you safe, entertained and on to the best fishing spots.

Tim Conway

The most recent addition to our outfit, Tim, a former bull rider, and lifelong fisherman has guided on Oregon rivers for over 17 years. Setting the bar high, Jon demands professionalism from those joining his outfit. Tim more than meets those high benchmarks in boating skills and guiding experience. He is an engaging personality and a pleasure to spend a day on the water with. His love and dedication to his family matches ours which makes him fit into this outfit as more of a family member than just a guide.  Returning clients have raved about this addition to our team and we’re blessed to have him.