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Multi-Day Trout Trips

Dry fly fishing for native “redside” rainbow trout on the Deschutes River is an experience like no other. This world famous river is a unique fishery, because of how surface oriented these magnificent and tenacious fish are. The combination of these beautiful fish and scenery, combined with the style of bank and wade fishing, keeps anglers wanting to come back year after year. The Deschutes is unique in that all angling must be accomplished by wading, as fishing from a floating device is not allowed. This makes for a more intimate connection with the fish and the environment they live in.  All these trips originate in Maupin, Oregon. We meet up at Imperial River Company Lodge on the first morning of the trip, and end the trip a few miles above Maupin, mid-day on the third day. 

Covering approximately 35 miles of some of the finest trout water anywhere, this two-and-a-half-day float trip is made in McKenzie style drift boats, meandering through ruggedly beautiful canyons and down exciting whitewater rapids. Your fishing days are full; as we spend more time on the water fishing and less time in camp . We do take a good mid-afternoon break for lunch and a short rest. This prepares you for an afternoon filled with fishing, complete with the opportunity to catch the last fish of the day as the evening light disappears behind the western canyon walls. You will then arrive at river camp, where our guides turn from fishing experts to river chefs. They will fry "river chicken", a client favorite, sauté vegetables, prepare hot Dutch Oven specialties and finish with delicious desserts. We offer you all of this plus a lifetime of great memories! 


These trips may be reserved for groups of 8 or 10 guests.

Photo Credit: Abe Blair
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